How can a PR company increase their speed to market by using a Production House?

The lines are blurring between Advertising, Marketing and PR agencies and nowhere is this more obvious than who should be creating the required content. Traditionally Advertising Agencies were responsible for all content creation but this was a time when content only appeared on TV, Posters, and in the Press.

With the range of options now available including VOD channels, online and social media, many clients need to reversion existing content that they already own such as Photography, TV Spots, Posters and Press ads for online media. This could be a something like taking an image and sizing and cropping it correctly for a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which all have very different specifications.

Clients are assigning an increasing percentage of their Marketing budgets to PR companies to manage their online activities.

PR and Marketing companies are the fastest and often best placed to spot a quick opportunity. Just one problem. They don’t hold the assets. So the PR company goes to the Client who contacts their Creative Agency and asks for the asset to be formatted to the correct specs.


Smaller Agencies will go to their Production House to format the content. Smaller PR companies often don’t have the technical experience or software to format TV ads for YouTube and Vimeo, Print images for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or even optimising their logo’s for all eventualities. Often if the assets are supplied to the PR agency straight from the Advertising Agency they are in the wrong format.

So what can a Production House offer the PR agency? They can quickly establish whether your asset is suitable for use in alternative media, reformat the asset for your requirements adding in text or logo’s (all the while adhering to a brand’s guidelines), make sure the asset is best optimised for the intended destination (size, crop, colourspace) and above all they can turnaround your asset speedily.

Maybe you require a small piece of footage shot for a PR article? Or a quick but nicely layed out infographic?

It’s time for PR and Production to talk.

Nick Page 8th October 2014

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